Garvey maintains a metrology lab that is among the best equipped of any component assembly manufacturer. The equipment includes electronic measuring systems used in conjunction with approved manufacturing procedures and inspection systems to qualify for the highest level ratings for machining, welding, and testing (MIL-I-45208, ANSI-Z540-1 and Subsafe Level 1) as well as other specific quality requirements of our customers.

A full-scale hydraulic test stand enables Garvey to perform unique testing of hydraulic cylinders up to 22 feet. Furthermore, Garvey routinely performs in-house the following non-destructive testing procedures: visual inspection, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and hydrostatic up to 10,000 lbs. per square inch.

Most notably, Garvey performs first article 100% dimensional inspection on all pieces.

All testing is performed in accordance to the appropriate government and industry standards, maintained on-site at Garvey.