Founded in 1953, Garvey Precision Machine, Inc. specializes in the production of custom, complex, close-toleranced, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies for a variety of industries. We are experienced in the defense, power generation, oil service and nuclear power industries.

At Garvey, we employ only highly qualified craftsmen and are dedicated to continually improving our machining and welding capabilities. We maintain state of the art manufacturing processes and facilities delivering products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

What sets us apart from most is our capability to provide turnkey products. All machining, welding, fabricating, assembly and testing done in-house is to approved manufacturing procedures and inspection systems that qualify for the highest level ratings, which include MIL-I-45208, ANSI-Z540-1 and Subsafe Level 1.

Garvey has established an enviable reputation in the planning, production and testing of hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical units for installation in total-weapons systems. Our full-scale, hydraulic test stand enables us to perform unique testing of extended hydraulic cylinders, such as masts and periscopes.

At Garvey, superior quality assurance is the number one priority in every job. Our customers have a zero-defect procurement policy, with demanding certification and traceability requirements. We integrate rigorous quality inspections into our manufacturing processes to assure the accuracy and consistency of our products. Our extensive library on government and industry specifications and standards allows for timely and thorough response to our customers’ requirements.

Garvey Precision Machine, Inc. operates from a modern 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Willingboro, New Jersey.